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Sophia, Mike, Ena & Vanessa
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Ena's Night to Give Back

Surviving tragedy has a way of providing resolve and humility in those strong enough to see it in the eye and come out victorious. Such is the case for local woman Ena D’Angelis. Ena suffered a cancer diagnosis that, for many, has spelled the end of their lives and caused a crippling blow to many families. However, with the strength of her husband and two daughters, as well as a network of friends and family willing to give their support at a moment’s notice, Ena faced difficulty and now can proudly call herself a survivor. Because of this, Ena and a host of her supporters, as well as the local political & business community, broke out their best bell bottoms and platforms to boogie down at one memorable event on November 8th. “Ena’s Night to Give Back – Disco Fever” was simple only in concept. As a survivor, this evening was organized with proceeds earmarked for Multiple Myeloma research on her behalf. The event featured vendor booths, auctions and loads of people wearing their 70’s best and ready to do the hustle and shuffle at Riviera Parque. The night itself seemed to be a mirror of Ena’s personality – vibrant, slightly defiant and full of energy. After having faced her own challenges, Ena used her own story to help others hopefully find the same fate after their diagnosis – and in the process, provide hundreds of people with a memorable Disco Inferno to warm up a chilly fall night here in Vaughan.

Photos by Rob Lorusso

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