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Carina & Nicole
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St. Patrick's Day in East Vaughan

March 17th is a day people circle on the calendar each and every year. No matter who you are, you're always reminded by some of the more spirited people in your life that it's St. Patrick's Day and this year, despite a chillier than normal night out, there wasn't a soul claiming to be anything but being possessed by the luck of the Irish while out on the town. It's the one day of the year that brings out the Irish in everyone, and we were pumped to join partygoers at All Stars and DubLinn Gate for the grand occasion. With a sea of green taking over most establishments on March 17th, it was easy to see just how people in this community were wrapped up in the spirit of the occasion. With cheers of "Slainte" and the Guinness and green beer flowing all day long, with each drink helping to compliment the Irish stews and traditional St,. Patrick's Day pub fare consumed by guests, all that was left to do was a little jig or two...okay, maybe three. Now that St. Paddy's 2014 has come and gone, those same establishments that hosted your favourite parties are still open for business - make sure to visit them when you're feeling a little down that your favourite holiday is another year away, and make it green and lively all year long!

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